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Jill J. Ferrer  - Jill has been a teacher for over thirty years.  Her first nineteen years were as a Music Teacher from preschool age through, what was known as, Jr. High School.  She loves working with children and has always had a passion for planting JOY within them for whatever she is teaching. She would choreograph, direct and write scripts for many performances that were done on large stages. When she moved to Ocala, she took on a job at a Montessori school in the year 1997, as a part-time Music teacher and then was asked to take the Early Childhood Montessori training.  She began teaching in the 2-3 year old classroom and then moved up as the years went by.  She was then asked to take the Montessori Elementary training. She taught in the elementary classroom for five years and was Assistant Director at the same time. She then became Co-Director at the Montessori school and then Director.  She worked at that Montessori school for 10 years. Currently, she is the Founder, along with being the Director of the Montessori House of Ocala, Inc.
Alesandra Zimmerman  - Alesandra is our 1-2 year old Lead Teacher.  Alesandra is from Colombia and teaches our Spanish classes on a daily basis. Alesandra has been with the Montessori House since we opened in 2008. In 2012, completed coursework to receive her Child Development Accreditation (CDA).
Shannon A. Ferrer   -  Shannon is our 2-3 year old Lead Teacher. She has worked in a Montessori school since 2002. She began at a young age and grew into a mature teacher. In September of 2004, she went for her Montessori training. Shannon has been teaching at Montessori House since we opened in 2008. 
Jamie L. Ferrer -  Jamie is a Certified Montessori Teacher and the lead teacher in the 3-6 year old classroom. Jamie has three wonderful daughters. She has been a teacher with Montessori House since we opened in 2008.
Krystle Mendoza - Krystle is our Administrative Assistant. She has worked in one of our county offices and she is very organized. She is a wonderful asset to our staff in helping to make sure that things are done correctly. She is always on top of what needs to be completed and she is a great right-hand to Jill.  She has assisted Jill in running the front office since Montessori House opened in 2008.
Kayla Shepherd - Kayla is the Lead Teacher in the infant room. She has been with us for a few years and has shown her excellence with the infants. She has matured in her time at Montessori House. She has completed her basic courses to know how to successfully work with infants. She is always willing to do whatever she needs to care for the children from her heart. 
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"Education is a natural process carried out by the human individual, and is acquired not by listening to words, but by experiences in the environment."

- Maria Montessori
Jessica Lugo - Ms. Jessica began at Montessori House in 2012. She has been working with our infants and our parents trust and love her with their precious little ones. All we ever hear are raving good reports about her. She has become part of our strong foundation at Montessori House.
Jill J. Ferrer  - Jill has been teaching for over thirty years and seventeen years ago decided to get certified as a Montessori teacher. She began with the Early Childhood certification and then got certified as a Montessori Elementary teacher. She loves teaching and has chosen to use her gifts and teach the elementary class.
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