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Prepare your child for higher learning with help from Montessori House of Ocala, Inc. Visit our learning center today in Ocala, Florida, to learn more about our preschool and elementary education programs. You may also check on our client review and discover why parents have trusted us with caring for their children.

"Mrs. Jill, As you know, we came to the Montessori House in September of 2012 looking for something new, something different... a change. Well, we found it. I was blown away when I first took a tour in July 2012. I didn't expect to find 2 and 3 years old with as much knowledge as they had. Since enrolling Declen, he has grown in so many ways. He loves Spanish class; I can barely keep up with his Spanish vocabulary. His handwriting, math, reading, language skills are far beyond what we could have ever expected. Declen comes home most days with a stamp on his hand and a new song learned that day. During dinner, he recites his new Spanish word and rambles about the new things he learned that day. So much of his daily routine in the classroom teaches so many different lessons. It's amazing how creative you all are. My husband and I really wanted to feel like our son was being well cared for and truly cared about while in school and we honestly do.

"Ms. Shannon goes so far beyond what is expected. Always willing to meet with you or offer advice when asked. I've appreciated how she thinks outside the box when we have run into a discipline problem. Our family was blessed to welcome our daughter, Anniston, in November 2012 and she has been attending the Montessori House since April 2013. Anniston is always clean, fed, and so happy when we pick her up. Ms. Kayla and Ms. Jessica are angels in her life and she is always thrilled to see them in the morning. As a parent of two that attend the Montessori House, I feel very blessed that we found this school. We can't wait for the years to come to watch our children grow in this school. Thank you so much for all that you do Mrs. Jill. Our children are our entire world and we are so thankful that you all do so much for our babies when we are not with them."
– Angee B. G.

"It is my nightly routine with Jax to lay in bed with him for 5 minutes before bedtime and talk about his day. I always ask him what his favorite part was and to tell me what he learned and what he remembers. Of course, he is all excited about his new reader (we worked on it this evening after supper) and he told me about his friends and playing on the playground.

"He told me he had colored the continents today, and he proceeded to name them for me. I nearly fell out of the bed (because he is 3, and I had no idea he knew them). I proceeded to pick him up and carry him to the world map he has hanging on his wall and I asked if he knew where each continent was – and to my amazement, he did!

"I see Jaxson maturing so beautifully. His focus and discipline astound me, as does his ever-growing treasure trove of knowledge that is his brain. And I know that is due, in large part, to the fantastic job Montessori House is doing with the children. I wanted to take the time out of my day to say 'Thank You' to you and Ms. Shannon and the entire staff."
– Jen V.